In Jan of 2020, I had my hearing for my disability case. After like 3 or 4 denials, you have to appeal to a law judge. There is a slim chance you’ll get an understanding judge. The odds were in my favor this time.

Luckily I had my case before COVID got bad.

I don’t want to be on disability forever. I starting blogging on these Cryptocurrency sites, the earnings were way too low to live on. Remote work, something rotating ( etc if I was an actor, my job lasts as long as it takes to do the movie) is the only thing I can handle. I post my YouTube content on the crypto sites. I needed better equipment. If I couldn’t find a job I can handle how could I get the gear I needed?

Being on disability is not any better. For instance.

-they cap what you can earn on the side at 200. This is why some disabled people don’t get a job because if the job schedules them past what they’re allowed to work, they can have their money reduced/cut. Especially since it’s hard for disabled people to hold down jobs, it’s too risky to get a job. Not because they wanna ‘take handouts’ as judgmental people like to say, but it’s too big of a risk to take especially since getting disability benefits is not the easiest task. Getting them back is probably difficult if not impossible.

-They cap what you can have in your savings and 2K. 2K will not get me far. If I get sick/hurt and cannot produce content/stream as often, 2 grand will be gone easily. I want to be able to save up as much as I can. An emergency can pop up. Not just if I get sick, if my earnings decreased during a time, which can happen due to people going back to school, then at least I have my savings, etc.

-You cannot get married without losing your benefits because they see your spouse as your caretaker ( I guess they assume your partner has enough money to cover your stuff)

This is meant to be temporary until my blog earnings are stable enough. As I said, if I couldn’t hold down a job long enough to save for equipment, I have no way to get the stuff I need to work from home. That was my struggle up until last year. My earnings on my crypto sites were too low to be able to do anything.

I was always going after the jobs my mom wanted me to get rather than what will make me happy. My mom wanted to me work at Walmart I am betting good money if I told them I needed days off for therapy appointments when at the time I had to travel an hour to do so, they would have fired me. No job just like that. I would rather take a slight dip in my blog earnings than being canned and having no money at all,

The way I see it, if working from home is the only thing a disabled person can get, they need money for a good laptop, internet, phone service, etc. How can they get all of that if they can’t hold down a job long enough? Or if they can’t even get to a job due to being unable to drive. If the person uses a scooter, wheelchair, etc and the sidewalk is not safe, they can’t even get to the bus stop. They can work from the comfort of their home without having to worry about transportation.

I wanted to turn in my blog earnings once a month at least. 2020 was a little rocky. I wanted to be part-time by 2020 originally.

I hope I can at least be a content creator part-time by the end of the year. I want to make sure the income is consistent. Even if I had a normal job I’d do the same considering I don’t know if I would keep the job long enough since jobs give you a 90 day probation period. When my mom tried working again she only lasted 3 weeks. I could get lucky and make 200 buck and then make 50 the next month.

Even if my blog earnings do pass 200, at least I always have money coming in rather than putting my faith into a job that can fire me whenever they want.

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