• November 27, 2021

Why I Started Blogging About Autism

Some people may ask me what inspired me to start talking about autism and blog about it. I would like to explain the things that pushed me to start talking about autism. I felt that some people may want to know how I struggle with it.

 I saw that I struggle to find a job due to my sensory needs and other things. I felt that is something I can talk about. Back in 2017, I went through a vocational program that I thought would help me find a job. It was a joke. They gave me a counselor that invalidated my autism and refused to listen to me and disregarded everything I said. After this, I saw that my mom’s mindset changed. I saw my mom ignored and disregarded my needs. She never did that before I went through that ‘program.’ Then the job coach did literally nothing to help me find a job, got on my case when I didn’t send out enough applications.

The coach doesn’t realize that autistic employment issues are very different from someone in a wheelchair.

For instance, my mom used to know that I need direct requests when we were out to dinner with my aunt. She told me to get her some lemon and I thought she meant Lemonade. She was talking about Sprite. My mom told her that she needs to be a little more direct because if you just say Lemon I’ll think Lemonade. Now she disregards saying I ‘don’t need it’ when she LITERALLY told my aunt that she needed to be direct.

I felt hurt having my feelings and needs ignored and disregarded by someone I thought would understand. So I made my first video about autism. It was either ‘Autism and Unemployment’ or ‘What not to say to someone with autism.’ And I decided to make a word version of my videos, which was when I started my blog. If I can’t vent to someone I thought would understand maybe I will have another ear.

Also, constantly losing the game of social chess. Social chess. In chess, you have to think about the move you make, make the wrong move and it counts against you. That is how socializing is like for autistic people. Due to not knowing what it OK to say.

There are several reasons why I chose to blog about autism and mental health.

When I was growing up. I was tired of my mom comparing me to someone with a physical disability. A physical and neurological disorder are 2 different things.

I am not trying to downplay. People with any disorder will face poor treatment. However, more folks with autism are bullied way more than someone with a different disorder. In fact, people are more likely to invalidate an invisible struggle.

Like that lady invalidated my autism because my traits weren’t the same.

People seem to only understand visible struggles and invalidate and shame hidden struggles.

That is the difference between me and the folks my mom compare me to. Comparing us to other people does the opposite.

Instead be understanding that some things are going to be easy, other things will be hard.

Folks should understand that.

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One thought on “Why I Started Blogging About Autism

  1. Yes, this is really relatable. I can be very hard to live in a society that “disables” us. Hope that this blog will help you living your best life! Take care and best wishes from a fellow Aspergirl.

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