You might be asking yourself why I moved to blogger. I also moved back to WordPress.

I started to play around with blogger and I liked blogger way better than WordPress. Then after a year, I moved back to WordPress. When you think about it, I was better off on WordPress from the get-go. I had more options with WordPress than I did with Blogger.

Blogger comes with your Google account when you create it. I found it easier to access and get to. I want to get into Freelance Writing at some point. I admit my WordPress blog was all over the place. I had blogged about autism, mental health, art, gaming, and random stuff. I don’t like basing a blog or YouTube account only on one thing.

The off-topic blogs could have their own section. Meaning I could have done what I do for my YouTube.   

I liked Blogger’s templates better, they look more professional to me. A professional-looking site is the most important thing when landing writing jobs. It’s like getting a job where you’re there physically, how you dress for the interview speaks for itself. Now that I think about it, Word Press has way more template themes than Blogger. WP has hundreds of themes I can pick and several ways I can fix up my blog. Blogger didn’t have as many options as WP. 

WordPress has limits for the free plan. On Blogger I had no limits. I didn’t have to pay to upload videos straight from my computer. On the other hand, the video had to be super short to upload it. On WP I have to pay to do that. That was the one reason for the move. WP had upgraded their site and I couldn’t quite understand the new additions. With the block editing. I should have stuck to WordPress.

I still had to pay for a custom URL on Blogger. Although they have limits, when I can afford to host for my blog I will more likely find tutorials for WordPress than I would for Blogger. At least I’ll find English tutorials for let’s say Bluehost and WordPress. I tried looking for Blogger tutorials and hardly any of them were in English.

I could have very easily revamped this blog if I wanted more on-topic posts. Maybe I will do an off-topic blog 2xs a month. Blogger and WordPress are easy to work with. Just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it will work.

Blogger was easy but can I find useful tutorials when I can purchase web-hosting? If I choose BlueHost for web-hosting, I will find plenty of tutorials with setting up WordPress with BH. I will find tutorials registering the domain I will get with Blue Host. BH offers a free domain with their plans. They even had a WP plug in to transfer posts to the new domain.

I think I would have had regardless. I purchased hosting with Namecheap and they had a Cpanel that installed WordPress which takes you to org.

I can customize the themes better on here than on Blogger. I was able to add my Ebook, Patreon, etc ways you can support the blog. I could have added the pages on Blogger. WordPress has more themes than Blogger. After playing with WP it’s customization is so much easier to work with. 

Blogger was easy to get to but I can bookmark my WordPress and get to it just as quickly. The move to blogger really wasn’t needed. I still needed a custom domain to show ads on blogger. I rather make money blogging with my Ebook, art, Patreon and when I get more traffic, affiliate links than with ads. Also unless you have massive traffic, you won’t make that much with ads.  I used blogger for a whole year and I didn’t gain a single follower. On WP I managed to get 100 something followers in a short amount of time. 

Blogger was easy but I got bored with it. It didn’t have a lot of themes to choose from. I didn’t have a lot of ways I can customize it. The one thing I like about WP is it has a reader feed to find articles and my posts will more likely get traffic and get pushed to Google search. I had way more engagement on WP than I did on Blogger. I barely got shares, likes, etc on Blogger but I got a ton of that on WP. I didn’t get hundreds of likes but 5 likes beat none. On WP if I want to link a previous article, it shows me my previous articles when I click in the link icon in the editor.  WP allows me to see if someone went to a link I suggested. WPS analytics are in one place.  WordPress has a portfolio section therefore I can create samples of a few blog articles that I wrote. I want to be a Freelance writer and I need samples so people know what they’re getting into. allows me to install plugins with the .com, I have to purchase one of their paid plans to add plugins. I probably needed to have a paid URL to add plug-ins on Blogger.

I tried moving to Blogger as a free alternative but I still needed a custom URL to monetize.


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