Affiliate Links And Referal Links (US and UK)

This page will have affiliate links to products I bought and use. There will also be referral links.

I will make a commission when you buy the products I promote or use my referal links/code when you join a website etc.

I will also do this to keep my blog from having mostly aff. link posts and to keep my YT description cleaner. This to to keep my YT and blog from being cluttered with aff. links. Also having one spot for links helps me if the product sells out or I can’t make a sale and Amazon rejects my account. When I make a new one, all I have to do is come to one spot and change links.

This will be updated accordingly. I would rather wait until the video is posted FIRST to give you an idea of how said gear will look/sound etc.

YouTube Equipment

A blue snowball ice mic, popfilter and mic stand

This video will summarize the things you need.

US Links

Blue Snowball Mic Stand

Blue Snowball Ice Mic

UK Links

Blue Snowball Ice Mic (stand)

Blue Snowball Ice Mic (actual mic)

Here is a review I did on the blue snowball mic. (Test included)

This was just the beginning of getting better stuff. I got a gaming chair and a desk.

Gaming Keyboard (US)


Gaming Chair (UK)

Keyboard (UK)

The lavalier mic for smartphones. Unboxing/sound test!

Lav Mic (US)

Lav Mic (UK)

Selfie Ringlight. This is only for smartphones. However, if you have a camera you can simply put the ringlight near your camera.

Ringlight (US)

Rightlight (UK)

I unboxed a new laptop. This laptop is ideal for editing. If you want editors like VSDC, Shotcut, Wondershare Filmora, Hitfilm, Openshot and Camtasia.

Or if you want to go to school, do work etc. If you want to game, I suggest you get a gaming laptop.

I tested those editors on this laptop and they all work. I have NOT tested Sony Vegas and editors like that so keep that in mind. Those are the only editors I tested!!! The editors listed above. You can buy an external hard drive to back your stuff up/for more space etc.

Laptop ( US)

I am not familiar with the laptops available in the UK and do not want to risk linking the wrong one

I unboxed a Kodac Pixel Pro Camera.

Camera (US)

I could not find one for the UK, I apologize.