• November 27, 2021

Plan With Me|| Monthly Content Planner|| May 2021

Today I will show you the content that I have lined up for May. Every month, I publish the monthly contentcalendar planner (as a creative way to do a plan with me a video) to let you know what content I have planned forthe month. This month will be a little break where I cut…

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Plan With Me: Monthly Content Planner|| April 2020

This is the content calendar planner. I map out the content that I will present onthis channel and my sister channel for April 2020. This helps viewers knowwhat content will be coming. I don’t think its needed for my non-gamingtutorials channel because its clear what’s going up. These channels on the otherhand, is more broad…

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Mendard’s Webcam Unboxing

Today I will be unboxing a webcam that I got from Mendard’s. I will also doa test and comparison to a webcam I bought at 5 Below. I 100% recommend this webcamfor YouTube. If you’re a small channel on a budget, you don’t need an expensive webcamjust lighting. You don’t need an expensive webcam. The…

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Tips For Starting YouTube On A Budget

This video will be on how you can start YouTube on a budget. Whether it bebudget gear or using what you already have. Small YouTubers (including myselfat some point) thought great equipment=good quality. It’s all aboutthe fundamentals. One thing I have learned when it comes to equipment are the things I talk about in the…

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2021 Upgraded Condenser Mic Unboxing

Today I will be unboxing the Professional Condenser microphone. I picked it up during theBlack Friday sales back in November. I will be doing an unboxing+ test. It will take some trial and errorto find the hot spot. I used the new mic to record the voice-over at the beginning because forsome reason my snowball…

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November 2021
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