• November 27, 2021

Tips For Passing Your Exams

This can work for any exam. Finals, bi-weekly exams. Exams can be a stressful time. This tips are meant to help you take a load off.

This can make things less stressful for you.

Sometimes we need help there is nothing wrong with that.

Don’t Cram

Cramming is last minute studying. Staying up all night to study. You will need your full 8 hours of sleep to be able to function. You are not giving your brain the fuel it needs when you cram. If you must get some studying in get up earlier or get to school earlier. If you take the bus study on the bus. If you have to use your free periods to study then do that. Don’t ruin your chance with all-nighters.

Study what have you the most trouble through out the term. Look at your test scores. Study what you got the lowest score(s) on. Ask your teacher for help. They won’t know unless you tell them. They can’t read your mind.

You MUST eat something before your exam. Your brain needs all the fuel it can get!

Start Studying Early

Start studying early. Why study what you already know? Study what you don’t know. Break down your studying. One day study this, next day study that. And so one. Get what gave you the most trouble first and then treat what you know like a review.

If your finals are a week before Christmas then start studying at least a week before Thanksgiving.

For bi-weekly exams study little by little. Take notes in class.

Use Your Accommodations

If you have accommodations use them. I am speaking from experience on this one. I was ashamed of having accommodations and as a result of refusing them, I didn’t do well on my assignments. If I used my accommodations I would have done so much better. When I started using them I started doing so much better on my school work.

I made a video on this topic. I like having video versions and blog versions of my videos. Closed Captions are available on the video. Make sure you use the English titles. Don’t use the automatic subs. They suck.

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