The Process Of Trying To Get Disability

I posted in an autism group about winning my disability case. One person said something about taking ‘handouts.’ Disability is not a handout. Do people think you can walk into the Social Security office, ask for a check and walk out with money? I will tell you the process and the people who think it’s a handout are going to look like clowns when I am done.

You apply online or at the SS office. You need to have some sort of disability that impairs you from working. Spoiler alert: autism, mental illness does count. After you apply, you wait like 3 months for a response. You will get denied. After that, you have 90 days to appeal. You will have a better shot with a lawyer. So you have to do hours of research looking for a good lawyer. It’s important to find a law firm that will get back to you ASAP.

At least when I applied, I had to meet with a doctor from SSI. There is a good chance the doctor who interviews you will NOT have any prior knowledge about your disability. He made it obvious he had not a single clue what autism is. After that, I waited 3 weeks before getting the 2nd denial. Which was in June of 2018. Then in November, I got another denial. After 3 you have to appeal to a law judge. I want to add that everyone’s process is different. Some people fight for this for years.

You need loads of records indicating your disability. Tell me why would I need such evidence for a ‘handout?’

July of 2019 I got a letter about the potential court date. You see. From November of 2018 to July of 2019. October I got a letter telling me when the hearing will take place. Which was scheduled for Jan 2020. I got lucky it was before COVID got major and the closures happened. Between denial and appeal, the wait is long. Also, I got lucky we didn’t get the -20 cold weather this year. THE ONLY good this about the crappy year.

I met with the lawyer before the hearing. I had to explain why I was not going to the doctor. I explained the only case where that happens is when the doctor left or the place moved/stopped taking my insurance. I also explained one therapist wasn’t locking in the computer when I came in to see her. I explained to her that they had my check in history but it doesn’t mean I showed up.

So if you had gaps in seeing your doctor prepare to say that.

There is a 50/50 chance you will get a understanding judge.

I had my records from the school. Since the 4th grade. Even though they were old, it still was some sort of proof of teachers noticing my behavior. One paper said I scored low on a social skills test. Shocker, autism/ADHD affects social skills.

I started maybe late 2017. So it took about 4 years. That is a long wait for a ‘handout’ do you think?

I just hate how people call things like this a handout like it’s a walk in the park to get.

When you do get approved the wait time varies. You only get 500-700 dollars. Some folks on SSI have to work from home because some employers do not like hiring people with disabilities.

Keep it mind I may have missed a step because I applied for mental illness and I have never had a job so the process most likely varies person to person.