• November 27, 2021

Stop Blaming A Depressed Person For ‘Being Negative.’

If I got a dollar everytime someone blamed me for being ‘negative’ I’d have well over a million dollars. I think people don’t quite understand how mental illness work. When I started that useless program, Sally (the counselor) told me if I got hired I’d have to wait a month for a check. I got…

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How To Lose Friends, Have A Mental Illness

Battling mental illness is hard, it’s even rough when your ‘friends’ walk out on you. Why didn’t anyone tell me having a mental illness would cause me to lose friends? When it comes to texting people, I have terrible anxiety because when I was a freshman in high school, it made people ignore me or…

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Are Kids Being Taught To Be Perfectionist?

Are kids being taught being perfect? When kids make mistakes they are punished for it. When adults make them same mistake it’s no big deal. I was on Facebook and I came across a thread that mentions this topic about how kids are punished for small mistakes that adults get no consequences for. You can…

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This One Last Straw Put Me Over The Edge

This post talks about eating disorders. Please be aware if you choose to read this. When I was a Jr. In high school, I was having some health issues. I was unable to hold my food down and it caused me to be weak as a result. I joined the flag girls for the marching…

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November 2021
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