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The Word ‘Retarded’ is Ableist

It is my mission to stand up to ableism. I talk about workplaces having ableist policies we should talk about ableist language used towards people with disabilities like autism and ADHD. The word retard. People use this as a way to insult people, presumably because they think it means ‘stupid.’ On the other hand, this word IS, in fact, hurtful…

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Why I Chose To Work From Home

After several attempts at finding a job that’s right for me and that I can cope with had failed, I decided to work towards self-employment. I have autism, therefore a job where I have to be social, work at a fast pace, where I am around a lot of people, etc would be too overwhelming for me. I cannot do…

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Ways You Are Misunderstanding The Autistic In Your Life

Neurodivergent to Neurotypical communication is almost never on the same page which causes so many misunderstandings. We are not always misread by NTs.  Some of our parents are on the spectrum and they can misunderstand us. We can be misread by anyone really. Commonly, I was misunderstood by an NT. You have to remember most aspie kids, teen adults have…

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