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Ways You Are Misunderstanding The Autistic In Your Life

Neurodivergent to Neurotypical communication is almost never on the same page which causes so many misunderstandings. We are not always misread by NTs.  Some of our parents are on the spectrum and they can misunderstand us. We can be misread by anyone really. Commonly, I was misunderstood by an NT. You have to remember most aspie kids, teen adults have…

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Reasons Why I Hate Being Autistic

Well, I’m back on the channel that I previously had for autism content. I still will post it on my main channel. I am also putting it on my second channel because I don’t want a video sitting for months before it goes live. In retrospect, I wish I could be normal. It’s so hard being in a world that…

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My Disability Hearing Is Coming Up

I have been trying to get disability for autism and mental health reasons since 2016/2017. After being denied 2 times, it’s time to fight the claim in court. I am just so worried my anxiety will cause me to mess it up. I am not good under pressure. On the other hand, the lawyer knows what judge I will get.…

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