• November 27, 2021

Submit Your Story!

Submit your story! If you want to write a guest article for the blog you can. You can submit anything that is related to autism or mental health.  You can talk about

  • Ableism
  • Employment
  • Discrimination
  • Mental health
  • Bullying
  • School and more.

Write your article on a TXT document. Send the header image that you want to use in the article. Make sure to attach the header image separately.  Send the link to a social media site of your choice. Also, write a brief introduction (on the TXT doc.) This helps me label my guest’s post accordingly.

Post must be atleast 800-1,000 words.

You must submit original and unpublish work. The article you send must not have been publish anywhere else!

Note: Upload the header you want in the email. DO NOT attach it to the txt doc it will not let me download it that way and may affect the quality. Also upload  your head shot in the e-mail also.

TXT doc

  • Your article
  • Your introduction
  • link to the social media site of your choice.

In the email

  • Attach the header image you want in the article. Make sure it’s copyright free. There are sites like Pixabay where you can get free images.

Also keep in mind I may chop down your headline/URL slug. If it’s too long it will be hard to share to places like Twitter which has a character limit.

I will create a section on  my blog called ‘guest post’ which is where you post will go. This makes it easier to separate my content with guest content.

Refer to my contact form if you would like to submit a guest article. Keep in mind it may take up to a month for your post to go live.

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