• November 27, 2021
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Problems That I Face As A Small YouTuber

This video talks about the problems I faced when I first started a YouTube channel starting in 2017.

I faced so many issues as a small creator.

I was in this group that had a feedback thread. I had to use my laptop’s webcam. I couldn’t afford lighting. Someone commented a link to buy a camera and said ‘don’t make an excuse’ this time. I was boiling. They saw me being broke and having no money for equipment as ‘excuses.’ What kind of person tells a broke creator they’re making excuses? How can I buy anything with NO MONEY?

I couldn’t afford the equipment I needed. I tried making vlogs and a guy commented on how poorly edited it was and the quality. Little did he know, my laptop was old and slow so any quality over 720P took forever. Also because Filmora lagged on my laptop, I could not add cool effects and cut out things I didn’t want anymore. At the time, I had no money for a better laptop. I played older games since that was all my laptop could handle and played the Telltale games on my phone. I got tired of telling people I did not have the equipment nor could I afford it to play newer games.

I couldn’t understand the feedback I was given. I made a skit about school and I asked for advice and one guy told me to be serious. I didn’t understand why I am being told to be serious in a skit. In my mind, I’m thinking skits are meant to be funny. One guy said something about my voice and mention Markiplier. I guess they wanted me to make my voice sound like Mark? One guy said the music I had was ‘overused.’ Honestly, as large as YT is, loads of people will use similar music. If your neighbors had the same doorbell sound are you going to make them change it? When people say ‘thumbnails need work’ ‘editing needs work’ I don’t know what exactly needs work. Did I miss something in the editing process? As for thumbnails I’m I not using clear images? It will help to know specifically where I am weak in those topics.

Or if they pointed out the audio and left me no helpful guild on how to fix whatever they heard wrong. Audacity is a free program to help with audio, it would have helped dearly if they left a video on Audacity,

The laptop I started with was my first laptop my folks got me for school back in 2009. 2017 is when it started getting slower and slower. When it quit, I had no money for another one. My mom let me use the desktop she bought but it was no better. I was still limited to the editors I could use. I used VSDC editor and I had major playback lag. I tried Hitfilm express but for some reason when I rendered the video, it lowered my audio, and I didn’t know because I could hear it on the desktop. I didn’t know no one could hear the video until someone commented on it. Because I am small with no following, I couldn’t ask people on Instagram or Twitter for help.

I have some videos on this topic. I like to have video and blog versions of my content. When I am not clear enough, I get read incorrectly. However, if I have a both a video and a blog post, I can cover what I forgot to add or what I think a viewer will misunderstand.

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