• November 27, 2021

My Gaming Equipment For YouTube/Twitch

I will link all of my equipment for YouTube/Twitch. The holidays are coming soon. I’m sure you want to hop on the chance to score some equipment. I will

link the stuff I use. These are affiliate links which means I will get a cut if you use these links to purchase what I am suggesting to you

I’ve used 2 different mics. Blue snowball l and this 2021 upgraded condenser mic. it will take some trial and error to get everything right. I suggest the Snowball.

You will need headphones next. The cat headphones are super comfy. They are a bit pricy but they look cool and they are wireless. I like wireless headphones over wired headphones

I use a ring light for lighting.

I use a webcam for my Facecam.

My gaming laptop. It’s especially great for streaming, I game on PS4 mostly but use the laptop to capture my footage with a capture card.

I use Streamlabs OBS to record/stream my gameplay.

I use Adobe premiere pro to edit.

You can’t go wrong with a laptop cooler for your gaming laptop.

I suggest building your gear little by little. It took me about a year to get better stuff. I recommend what I use since I always go the budget round

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