I will be unboxing and testing a lavalier microphone for your phone. I got so many complaints about the audio in my videos when I used my phone. I got tired of telling people I could not afford anything better. Then I got this mic and it solves all of my problems. Keep in mind, there are videos that I made BEFORE I bought this mic. If you want to purchase this mic for your phone, you can get yours here.

This mic is good for vlogging on your phone. It’s nice and affordable. It’s amazing for those of you who travel and would rather use your phone to vlog. Not only for vlogging, if you make regular videos on your phone, this mic is perfect with that. I also recommend learning audacity to make the sound even better. Sometimes if I can’t find the precise item I will recommend something close to what I have.

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For those of you who are starting a YouTube channel and are looking for a mic for your phone, look no further. Its perfect for if you are a small youtuber on a budget. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your channel.

It will take a few videos for results to kick in usually due to it being my first time mastering new things.  Once I get the hang of it the difference will kick in.

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