Laugh Out Loud Binge-A-Thon

I want to put something positive on the blog for awhile. Times are tough so I want to give folks something to look at while they are stuck at home or need a distraction. This will have a playlist of my funniest videos on YouTube. Share this with a friend who could use a laugh, or a smile, or a distraction.

I over react to getting voted out or getting a vote against me in Roblox Survivor. This is based on the TV show Survivor.

I did a sequel of me over reacting in Survivor.

I react to some stupid laws in the US. I wonder what stupid laws your state/country may have?

My reaction to getting voted out will have you rolling on the floor ( or at least I hope so.)

My reactions to Deltarune can be funny.

My reactions in my old Undertale walkthrough can be funny.

This is like a loss montage.

If you like my reactions in Survivor, you will like my Eviction Notice Reactions.

I will make another part. I don’t want this to be too long.

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