I am a content creator. I made YouTube videos, blog posts, art, etc. People will give you feedback on what they feel can be better. However, their ‘feedback’ didn’t really help me. Please read the blog before you comment.

I just want to say that your feedback isn’t helping the creator if you’re just pointing out all of the flaws in the creation and don’t offer tips on how the person can actually make their stuff better. I had trouble getting interaction on my Facebook page. This person looked at the page and DMed me their ‘feedback.’

A college essay will overwhelm me with all of the info. I will skim it or not read it at all. VS leaving brief bullet points.

All they did was say how my page doesn’t tell them what I am about but didn’t give me a single tip on what I can change about my page to make it tell them I am a vlogger or a blogger.

All they did was complain about the ‘negative’ posts that I made, no tips on the posts I am suppose to put on the page.  If they had of said ‘your X doesn’t tell me you’re a blogger.’ And linked someone else’s page as a guild or helped me optimize it. I could have made them an admin so they can optimize it.

If they had of said, ‘your posts don’t tell me you are a gamer.’ I would have known to promote my gaming content, post screenshots from games I played, share posts about gaming from other pages.

This is saying not to give feedback. This is just saying that your feedback isn’t helping me if you’re pointing out everything you don’t like about a video with no actual tips on how it can be fixed. It doesn’t look like feedback. it just looks like you’re just nitpicking. Also, slamming the creator for ‘not being able to take criticism’ when all I am asking for is more information regarding what is wrong with X doesn’t sit right.

How can I take quote-on-quote criticism if you are not giving any tips to fix the issues you spotted. I can see it if you said something like ‘here is a filter to add in OBS for your camera it will help with the xyz issue you had’ and I told you to fuck off, I can see your point on not taking criticism.

For instance, this person told me a light threw off the white balance. Didn’t explain to me what a white balance is. They gave feedback as I am a professional in the film industry and not as if I am a noob who doesn’t know anything about filming and tell me what caused the white balance issues and how to avoid them.

 When I first started my Aaliyah Holt channel. This person tells me how long my vlogs should be. Saying my video should be under 8 mins. The video was about a minute or so over.

This is the feedback I cannot do. Depending on how much raw footage I have sans editing, it will be impossible to lump it and keep it under 7 mins unless I am doing drone footage or a speed lapse. Their claim was me being a small youtuber they will lose interest and not subscribe if my video is ‘too long.’ it doesn’t matter if your video is 2 minutes or 2 hours. If it’s not engaging, the viewer is not gonna watch.

As of now, YT added a feature if you put timestamps in your description box it breaks the watch bar line into sections so you can pick what you want. I will start adding this in my videos.

If you’re going to give feedback to me, don’t just say ‘your thumbnails need work,’ actually tell me some tricks that I can add to my thumbs.

Preferably, something within what I already do but a step up the ladder.

For instance, I get extremely confused when people keep telling me to buy a new mic but don’t tell me what they heard that made them think that.

I believe feedback from non-subs is tricky. Remember, this is someone who doesn’t know anything about your channel, doesn’t know what you’re trying to accomplish. So feedback from non-subs may not always work. It will be different if they’ve been watching you for a while, understand you and your channel vs someone who just found you 2 minutes ago. If you are a non-sub and don’t know much about my channel, bear in mind your feedback may not always work and it doesn’t always equal to I can’t take criticisms.

Non subs won’t know that (hypothetical example) I am broke and can’t afford to get better equipment, but someone who has been following me for a month will. See? The non-sub will, without hesitation, tell me I need a new camera. A sub that has been following me for a month knows I can’t afford a camera and will give me a tip on what they do to improve the quality on their phone.

In a group for small youtubers on the feedback thread, those people saw me not being able to get better stuff for my channel, because I had no money, as excuses. Say someone who has been following me for a while, seen videos where I explained my dilemma will know its not an excuse, I really can’t afford it.

To me, it’s not feedback wanting me to change something because it’s not your preference and I’m the one getting ‘offended’ or can’t take criticism. Just because YOU don’t like it, doesn’t mean I have to change it. Just because YOU prefer I don’t read the text when I play games like Undertale doesn’t mean I should stop, thus putting off people who actually like it when I read the text. The subscribers may like that.

Like that viewer only like vlogs under 7 mins, that will be impossible to do unless its a speed lapse or drone footage.

If you are not laying out what was missing, I won’t understand, I won’t know what needs to be done. On one of my Deltarune videos, one guy said to have more emotion. They never specifically told me what line(s) were emotional that my commentary didn’t express. Deltarune seemed like a funny game and there were jokes left and right so their feedback was confusing. In the classroom scene, everyone’s excuses for not letting me in their group seemed funny. I didn’t see anything emotional. Undertale does have some sad parts but that is towards the end of the game. Deltarune may have had a sad moment that was near the end. I was at the start of the game.

Unless people unanimously agree it’s not working, I can’t just take one person’s consideration. To me, it’s not feedback if you’re just leaving me an essay on everything wrong with my video and I don’t see not one tip on how the issue(s) can be fixed. It’s no different than going to the doctor to find out why you’re sick. he tells you why you’re sick but don’t offer a treatment plan. When you give feedback to give the person tips to fix the issues. If their thumbnails can be better say ‘the text is hard to read, add the so and so effects in your editor to bring it out.’ They know what effects to use to bring out their text.

The essays will be too overwhelming, too much to process and remember. I will either skim it or not read it at all.

Instead brief bullet points. Ex

Here are some things I believe will help you

When in doubt, this is my rule on thumb for thumbnails, make your text size 200 because mobile users will have a smaller preview than PC users

Spice up your editing with some memes, here is a list of some I’d recommend, you can search them on YouTube.

I saw quite a few quiet spots, my advice is watch the raw video and write down the marks you didn’t speak or what you don’t want in the video anymore. This way when you edit, you can slide the marker to the stamps you recorded

Instead of telling me to work on my thumbnails, tell me what you saw that made you think that. Tell me what is missing. Tell me how the layout would fit the thumb better.

Instead of telling me to buy a new mic, tell me what you heard wrong and what to avoid so the sound won’t happen again.

Instead of telling me my editing needs work, give me tips on what I can add, link/list some memes you want to see in my videos and I can download them/search time.

Understand my videos is done way in advance and chances are the video was shot before I changed editors or moved my mic to a better spot etc.

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