• November 27, 2021

How You Can Support The Blog

Your support will allow me to keep producing content and will allow me to keep the blog up. It will also allow me to do what I love and finally end my chronic employment struggles. I am very passionate about being a blogger.

Even if you cannot afford to support the blog. That is OK. You can share my articles with your friends, family. Or just share my blog articles on your Facebook, Twitter, etc for free. 

Paypal Donations

If you go to the ‘donate’ button on the blog, you will be taken to the sent menu with my email already there. I like this because you can pick an amount that is most flexible for you. Paypal is safer and faster.


My Patreon is located on my pages list. My Patreon is also for my YouTube channel. Patreon allows you to pledge monthly to the tier of your choice.

Buy My Art

I also have an art store. Redbubble has sales every now and then. I also have an Esty shop. I can pick the price I want on Esty. I have Redbubble where I will post until I can pay the upload fees on Esty.

Buy My Ebook

I wrote an eBook on autism and employment. I did this to showcase how hard it is for us to function in an NT world.  This is to educate. I do propose a solution that I think could help us. If you are a parent of a child with autism I think it’s important you know that your child will struggle in this world. My Gumroad. 

If you use the code ‘wired differently’ you will get 1 dollar off. I do plan on making some guilds to understand autistic folks better if you’re on board.

As I said, even if you can’t support the blog, you can still share the blog articles with a friend. Anywhere really. That alone can help my blog draw more readers who may be able to support the blog. I am also on Steemit.com, Weku.io, and Whaleshares.io. If you use any of those sites, you can vote my posts and that is free support. If you have to bookmark the art print you want to buy when you get money and come back, you ahead and do that.

Don’t feel bad if you can’t support the blog. Sharing my posts also help me a bunch.

Sharing my YouTube videos really helps with their algorithm and all.

For exclusive content, early viewings of my videos, subscribe to my Patreon

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If you want exclusive content. early viewing of my videos, consider supporting me on Patreon
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