This is the content line up for February 2021. I changed my schedule for both channels. Gaming With Jazz I will post on Mon, Wed, Fri and Saturday. Mon and Wed will be Life Is Strange or whatever game I am on. Then on Simming With Jazz, I will post on Tues, Thurs, and Sun.

The first Sun will be Undertale

Second Sun will be Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5)

Third Sunday Autism content.

The last Sunday willl be the Sims. I will do shorts but it’s better to add it to my regular schedule. Lets say on a Sims day, I can simply post the short on a normal Sims day. The schedule will be downloabale so you can always look back at this to know what content you want to see.

I started a tech channel for non-gaming videos. Which goes up every Wed. If you see a gaming video, (like Life Is Strange) its for GWJ, if you see a tech related video (like a webcam unboxing) then its for Aaliyah Holt.

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