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The articles I post are about my experiences with autism. I bring them to light in case someone else has similar problems. The posts are merely for the sake of connecting to other autistic adults or help parents understand their child better. I am not qualified to test your child for autism, I am not qualified to treat your child. If you suspect your child is autistic you should take them to a qualified professional. Everyone on the spectrum is different. While I have the issues I mention, someone else may not. Keep in mind the blog is about my struggles, the issues I faced, etc.. It does not reflect on everyone on the spectrum. What works for me may not work for someone else. I advise you to contact your child’s doctor for further advice. Do not take any medical advice from me, I am NOT qualified to give any.

My intentions are to speak up about stigmas, misinformation etc. I can give you advice to best help you understand your child’s autistic traits, but you still need to see a professional in regards to therapy. I mean make sure you go to someone who has full knowledge on conditions such as autism. The best I can do is give you advice on what doctor you should see, still you need to research who/whatever you may choose.

My blog may contain affiliate links, which means if you use my link to buy something, I will get a cut at no extra cost to you. Blog may contain sponsored posts which means a company is paying me to promote their product. I won’t promote something I don’t like.

I will ONLY post affiliate links to the equipment I use for YouTube. However I have links from other regions to increase range. Someone in the UK can’t shop from an Amazon store in the US. I will create a page post for affiliate links to keep the blog clean and my YT description so it will not be cluttered with promo links. Having my links in one spot will help me if the product sells out then all I have to do is go to one spot.

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