• November 27, 2021

Lavalier Microphone Unboxing

I will be unboxing and testing a lavalier microphone for your phone. I got so many complaints about the audio in my videos when I used my phone. I got tired of telling people I could not afford anything better. Then I got this mic and it solves all of my problems. Keep in mind,…

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An Outbreak In Roblox// Roblox The Virus Story

A tour of a science lab turns into chaos when a virus is released on accident and begins to spread throughout Robloxia. We have to escape the lab and find a cure. In part 2 a trip to finding the cures goes wrong when an evil guy wants the cure for himself and kidnaps us.

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(01)Falling Into A New World// Deltarune (PC)

A trip for chalk turns into an adventure when Kris And Susie find themselves locked in a supply closet and fall into this unknown world. Kris and Susie must find a way home.

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Creating Max And Chole From ‘Life Is Strange’ As Sims

I will attempt to make Max and Chole as Sims. Originally when I made this video, I could not find and custom content, later on down I line I found some.

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Creating Myself As A Sim In The Sims 4

I attempt to create myself as a sim in the Sims 4. I am not the best at making sims. I referred to older photos of me to make the Sim. I will do create a Sim, building the house (when the lot calls for it) in 2 separate videos. I will upload every Tuesday,…

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November 2021
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