• November 27, 2021

2021 Upgraded Condenser Mic Unboxing

Today I will be unboxing the Professional Condenser microphone. I picked it up during theBlack Friday sales back in November. I will be doing an unboxing+ test. It will take some trial and errorto find the hot spot. I used the new mic to record the voice-over at the beginning because forsome reason my snowball…

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February Content Line Up For YouTube

This is the content line up for February 2021. I changed my schedule for both channels. Gaming With Jazz I will post on Mon, Wed, Fri and Saturday. Mon and Wed will be Life Is Strange or whatever game I am on. Then on Simming With Jazz, I will post on Tues, Thurs, and Sun.…

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Content Schedule For January 2021

Happy New year, 2020 was the worst. Am I right? This is the content that I am posting for the month of January. I will change my upload schedule for Simming With Jazz later in the month. Saturday, the day after New Years will be an episode of the Gaming With Jazz rewind. This episode…

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We Need To Stop Normalizing Poor Shaming

What is poor shaming? Basically shaming poor people for using assistance (like food stamps) to provide for themselves or their families. There are ignorant fools who think everyone who uses SNAP is unemployed. One time I was on Facebook, you know how people were collecting unemployment because the C-19 closed their job. This guy was…

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I Can’t Understand Your Feedback

I am a content creator. I made YouTube videos, blog posts, art, etc. People will give you feedback on what they feel can be better. However, their ‘feedback’ didn’t really help me. Please read the blog before you comment. I just want to say that your feedback isn’t helping the creator if you’re just pointing…

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November 2021
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