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The Word ‘Retarded’ is Ableist

It is my mission to stand up to ableism. I talk about workplaces having ableist policies we should talk about ableist language used towards people with disabilities like autism and ADHD. The word retard. People use this as a way to insult people, presumably because they think it means ‘stupid.’ On the other hand, this word IS, in fact, hurtful…

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Strict Attendance Policies Are Ableist

You know schools/workplaces have strict attendance policies. I believe they are ableist to people with Chronic Illnesses. I think it’s inhumane.  Schools and jobs don’t allot enough sick days. (or don’t give any at all) I can’t understand why. When I was in grade school they had perfect attendance rewards. This encourages people to come to school sick, spreading their…

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Disability Benefits Are Not ‘Hand Outs’

Let’s be honest. Folks without disabilities who don’t understand why we need benefits will call it a ‘handout.’ If you have an invisible illness or disorder and you speak about using disability benefits or any other benefits, you will be shamed, exploited, belittled. It’s sad that people think the only disabilities are if you’re in a wheelchair or need a walker.…

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