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Laugh Out Loud Binge-A-Thon

I want to put something positive on the blog for awhile. Times are tough so I want to give folks something to look at while they are stuck at home or need a distraction. This will have a playlist of my funniest videos on YouTube. Share this with a friend who could use a laugh, or a smile, or a…

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Subscribe To My YouTube Channel

I have a gaming YouTube channel. I post various gaming content. I do best moments videos for example. I do this to help tease to viewers on what to expect when I post let’s plays. I have trouble getting people into my walkthroughs so I do these best moment videos to show viewers what to expect. This is an older…

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Being Autistic In A Religious Family

How difficult can it be when you are neurodivergent in a heavily religious family? You may recall my blog article ‘growing up with religious folks.’ I also make a video about it on my Verond channel. After having religion shoved down my throat all my life. I wanna speak about how my folks wanted to give me even more that…

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