• November 27, 2021

Things You Shouldn’t Say To Someone With Autism

Sometimes you may mean well. However, these phrases actually do the opposite. Things are some things you should never say to someone with autism. Ya’ll should realize these phrases don’t help us at all. 1.”You Don’t Look Autistic” I had to put this one first. Autism doesn’t have a ‘look.’ I don’t understand why people…

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The Most Stressful Job Program I Went Through

Do You Understand Why We Stress The Importance Of Education? This Is Why. In 2017, I went through a program that I thought would help me find a job. It turned out to be useless and stressful. I don’t think they even help you with employment, to begin with. I thinking this is a result…

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Why I Can’t Work A Full-Time Job Because Of Autism (and other factors)

I have written blogs like this before, however, they were regarding even a part-time job. That and this blog will slowly eliminate jobs that would be too much for me. The disability judge will ask how my condition affects my ability to work. I need to prepare to give the right answer. I am having…

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An Ignorant Counselor Said I Wasn’t Autistic

I feel I should give you a backstory on how this all happened. Also, this is to show how ignorant some people can be just because you exhibit different traits of a certain condition than someone else. This is going to be about how an ignorant counselor said I wasn’t autistic, for a stupid reason…

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My Disability Hearing Is Coming Up

I have been trying to get disability for autism and mental health reasons since 2016/2017. After being denied 2 times, it’s time to fight the claim in court. I am just so worried my anxiety will cause me to mess it up. I am not good under pressure. On the other hand, the lawyer knows…

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