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Ways You Are Misunderstanding The Autistic In Your Life

Neurodivergent to Neurotypical communication is almost never on the same page which causes so many misunderstandings. We are not always misread by NTs.  Some of our parents are on the spectrum and they can misunderstand us. We can be misread by anyone really. Commonly, I was misunderstood by an NT. You have to remember most aspie kids, teen adults have…

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Reasons Why I Hate Being Autistic

Well, I’m back on the channel that I previously had for autism content. I still will post it on my main channel. I am also putting it on my second channel because I don’t want a video sitting for months before it goes live. In retrospect, I wish I could be normal. It’s so hard being in a world that…

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My Life Before Being Diagnosed With Autism

In my book, things were rough prior to my autism diagnosis. ADHD and autism are very alike which in some cases, your son/daughter might get misdiagnosed. This was my case. What do my folks do? Send their special needs kid to a freaking Catholic school with zero support. They wondered why I was ‘acting up.’ There were no in-school social…

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Things You Shouldn’t Say To Someone With Autism

Sometimes you may mean well. However, these phrases actually do the opposite. Things are some things you should never say to someone with autism. Ya’ll should realize these phrases don’t help us at all. 1.”You Don’t Look Autistic” I had to put this one first. Autism doesn’t have a ‘look.’ I don’t understand why people say this. What is autism…

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