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Things I Wish People Knew/Understood About Autism

Things I wish people understood about autism video version. s an adult on the autism spectrum, there are some things that I wish people understood about it. some people are under the impression that your problems go away when you’re 18. This is false. Think of it as a physically disabled kid in a wheelchair and assuming when they turn…

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How To Give Criticism To Autistic People

Whether you like it or not, folks with autism or ADHD are sensitive to feedback. We can’t help it. Outsiders do not understand this. Your momma always told you it’s not what you say but how you say it. My theory about the feedback could apply here (somewhat). This comes from a content creator standpoint since most of us create…

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The Pressure To ‘Act Your Age’

Have you been shamed for not acting your age? Have you been shamed for not liking something ‘age appropriate?’ Understand how pressuring your aspie to ‘act their age’ is acutally damaging to them. I disagree with the idea that X is for kids and X is for adults. Some adults may wanna watch Paw Patrol with their kids or relive…

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Law Enforcement Needs Education On Autism

I have talked about how autism complicates employment. Making it hard for us to get or keep a job. let’s talk about how autism makes it harder for us when it comes to cops. In fact, a person with autism can be mistaken for a person on drugs because we do have alike traits to a person who is intoxicated. …

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I Won My Disability Hearing

Long story short when I was denied 2 appeals I had to appeal to a disability judge. Fortunately, the law firm I went through knows the judges the client will get.  I had to get up before the rooster crows since I had to catch the Subway to get downtown. I left early in case we got lost (which we…

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