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The Next Time Someone Tells You To ‘Adapt’

In the past, when I made blog posts or videos regarding the barriers that I face. What do people who obviously didn’t watch the video or read the blog post say? “I need to learn to adapt.’ When someone tells you this. I want you to reply with something like ‘ Adapt to what? Discrimination? Ableism? Being misunderstood? Being bullied…

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This Post I Saw Is Sickening

Why did I become an angry autism activist. Listen. My context of being an ‘autism activist’ is more or less using my angry voice to put my foot down against the hatred autistic people face. Originally, what sparked my interest is when I went through that useless club ( you would be a millionaire if you got a dollar every…

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Autistics Have To Sign A DNR (UK)?!

You are reading this right? I saw a video in my feed from an autism YouTuber called “The Aspie Word.” In his video he will show some sources in the video itself. A DRN is a do not resessitate order. Should you become seriously ill you/your family can choose to sigh a DNR. It looks the the UK gov is…

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Autism Doesn’t End At 18

Some people under the impression that autism stops at 18 and whatever services the person needs, is no longer needed. What makes people think it ends at 18? Most schools provide accommodations for students with autism. Adults with autism have a constant battle with getting support and assistance. Getting social security can be a challenge. It’s a constant and scary…

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The Process Of Trying To Get Disability

I posted in an autism group about winning my disability case. One person said something about taking ‘handouts.’ Disability is not a handout. Do people think you can walk into the Social Security office, ask for a check and walk out with money? I will tell you the process and the people who think it’s a handout are going to…

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