• November 27, 2021

As Long As There Is Ignorance, Stigmas, etc Autistic Adults Will Remain Unemployed

It’s no lie that 85% of autistic adults are unemployed. Everyone thinks the solution is more programs for us. Which is true. We need more programs that help people with autism. You can have all the programs in the world, all of the job training in the world. If you don’t break the stigma and…

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Issues Autistic Adults Have With Employment

Over 80% of autistic adults are unemployed. Only a small percentage of us work full-time or part-time. Why is that? There are several reasons why we struggle with jobs. The lack of education on autism makes it difficult in life.We see the world in black and white. It’s like people are speaking a language you…

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How Autism Greatly Limits My Ability To Work A Job

By the time this blog goes up, my hearing would have already happened. And I will already know whether or not I got it. I schedule my posts ahead of time.  Spoiler alert, I was approved. I think it would have been harder if I didn’t have my school notes and notes from the doc.…

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The Most Stressful Job Program I Went Through

Do You Understand Why We Stress The Importance Of Education? This Is Why. In 2017, I went through a program that I thought would help me find a job. It turned out to be useless and stressful. I don’t think they even help you with employment, to begin with. I thinking this is a result…

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Why I Can’t Work A Full-Time Job Because Of Autism (and other factors)

I have written blogs like this before, however, they were regarding even a part-time job. That and this blog will slowly eliminate jobs that would be too much for me. The disability judge will ask how my condition affects my ability to work. I need to prepare to give the right answer. I am having…

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