• November 27, 2021

How I Am Starting To Make Money Blogging And How You Can, Too.

I made the decision to work from home because I feel that it’s what’s best for me. It’s better for my anxiety, my mental health and stress management. Some folks might be curious as to how I play to become self-employed. I mentioned that I post on cryptocurrency blogging sites. I will show you the…

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Jobs That Are NOT For Adults With Autism

I made a blog article on jobs that would work for adults with autism. However, I think we should cover the jobs that you should avoid if you are on the autism spectrum. This is just my 2 cents. Everyone is different. Keep in mind everyone is different. I only advise against these jobs if…

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I Am Not A Mind Reader! Autism And Communication Gates

I thought I’d write this blog post. I’ve noticed nowadays, no one wants to communicate but rather expects you to know things. As if you can read minds. I’ve noticed NTs don’t bother to communicate to make sure you know. I feel like it’s a common autism issue trying to navigate in a world that…

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Did I get Scammed? And How You Can Learn From My Mistake|| Autism And Being Scammed

On my Facebook page, a guy commented on a post that they wanted to tip me. So I messaged them. I get an email that I should have found suspicious about getting a 50 dollar redeem code (Steam, iTunes, PSN etc) to complete the Paypal transaction. My mind was not in the right space. I…

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Poorest Performing Videos From August 2021

Rounding up the videos that did not do too well in August. School started earlier than expected. I will start streaming on Twitch and break up the VOD into parts which is way more relaxing for me than recording a bunch of videos.

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