Today I will be unboxing the Professional Condenser microphone. I picked it up during the
Black Friday sales back in November. I will be doing an unboxing+ test. It will take some trial and error
to find the hot spot. I used the new mic to record the voice-over at the beginning because for
some reason my snowball wasn’t on in OBS the audio is slightly different recording my
voice through Audacity vs through whatever recorder I am using. It will take some trial and error but it will get better the more I use the mic.

If you are equipment hunting I strongly suggest this mic. This is great if you are a small YouTuber on a budget.

It will take some trial and error until you get it right.

You can buy the mic here.

This mic doesn’t pick up background noise like my Snowball did. My snowball picked up my desktop mic or if I had a fan on in the room. It picked up my mom talking on the phone if my

door was not shut completely.

Make sure Echo is turned all the way off. That may cause your mic to pick up some noise. The settings in OBS matter as well. The higher the sample rate, the clearer the audio. Make sure you check on the settings in whatever recorder you use like I mentioned about the sample rate. It takes more than the mic itself to get the quality to be OK.

This mic is also great for singing, pod casts, streaming, gaming etc. Still make sure you are in a room suitable for recording. This is a studio mic meaning singers use it. If you want to do covers, this mic can pick up your voice and your instrument as well.

Since the new normal limits social gatherings, if you do interviews (which you had to move to zoom) you will need a good mic. Say the pandemic tightened your budget, this mic is perfect for that, too.

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